Beacon Technology

An alternate method of sharing information, beacons can be set to emit short bursts of data or transmit continuously. No personal information is broadcast by a beacon. This cutting edge technology can be used in several different ways:

Beacon Badge
Beacons can be used as attendee badges. The badge can be set up to continuously transmit a badge ID signal which exhibitors can access to create leads. The beacon badges are reusable if returned at the end of the show. An exhibitor using the Li Leads app can turn on "Beacon Mode" to listen for nearby beacons as an alternative to scanning ID badges. This allows the exhibitor to see a list of nearby attendees. The exhibitor can then select an attendee from that list to ask qualifying questions and add notes to the lead.

In addition to lead generation, beacon badges can be used for session tracking and access control. The attendees' badges can be used to broadcast their identities to a scanner at the door. This means that beacons can be used to allow organizers to track entry into a session as well as to monitor access rights.

Li Leads Slim
The Li Leads Slim handheld can recieve beacon signals from attendees who are interested in their products. The beacon badge can broadcast attendee ID information to be recieved by the exhibitor's Li Leads Slim handheld device. The exhibitor can then use the phone paired to the device to record qualifying questions and notes on the new lead.

Li Beacon app
Like the Beacon Badge but offering additional features, is the Li Beacon app which attendees and/or exhibitors install on their smartphones (iPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S5 or higher required). The app includes a toggle on the screen which is used to trigger a beacon signal to be broadcast briefly by the phone.

An attendee using the Li Beacon app can press the toggle on his or her smartphone to broadcast contact information to the exhibitor's smartphone thus generating a lead for the exhibitor.

Another way to use the LiBeacon app is if an exhibitor scans an attendee's barcode, the phone paired with the scanner is then triggered to broadcast the badge information to the exhibitor's phone. The ID barcode will tell the server what information the beacon should broadcast.

Exhibitor Beacons
An event can be set up where the exhibitors have one or more beacons at their booths and attendees can recieve information on exhibitors and their products as they visit each booth. Beacons can be placed on items in a booth and when an attendee interacts with the item, the beacon can trigger a video to play on a tv screen in the booth. The beacon can also send a video or other advertising to the attendee's smartphone.

Reverse Lead Retrieval
An exhibitor's beacon can send qualifying questions to attendees visiting their booth so that the exhibitor recieves the answers along with the attendee's contact info. This is useful when many attendees are visiting a booth at the same time and the exhibitor is already conversing with someone else. The new arrivals can receive information from the exhibitor and the exhibitor will know who was interested in their products.

Wayfinding with Beacons
An attendee can use the LiBeacon app for wayfinding at an expo where nearby exhibitor beacons are used to locate the attendee on an interactive map. Attendees can then be directed where they wish to go--to a particular session or exhibitor.

When an attendee searches for an exhibitor, this can trigger the exhibitor's qualifier questions, brochure, or banner to pop up on the attendee's smartphone, or an interactive map to guide them to the booth.

Attendees can also choose to see a list of nearby exhibitors and select the ones they are interested in. The attendees then receive qualifier questions or other information about the exhibitors and their products.