Equipment Rentals

Offer lead retrieval devices to your exhibitors

Li Leads Slim Universal Barcode Reader
The new Li Leads Slim is small enough to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand at 5" x 2.75" x 0.62
Powerful enough to outlast any event with over 10,000 scans per charge
Scans in the dark as well as in very bright lighting
Scanner buttons on both sides of device so scanning is easy with either hand
Reads any type of barcode
Can also read NFC tags
Comes paired with an android smartphone
Provides quick, efficient lead qualification and easy note taking with the onscreen keyboard
Cellular based so WiFi isn't needed
Access your data immediately on the Internet
Your data can be downloaded locally in Excel or text format or pushed to any lead tracking system you use including
Your data is safely encrypted, uploaded and stored in real time on our secure server and available to you 24/7
In addition to lead capture, Li Leads provides custom questions and real time email follow up
Customized reports so you can delve into your data in depth
Can be used for session tracking and access control
Can also be used for Li Beacon scanning
Compatible with our bluetooth printers

Android Tablet
The Li Leads app runs on our android tablets allowing easy lead capture
Use the camera function on the device to scan attendee barcodes into your event database
Qualify your leads and add notes right on the app
Your data will be instantly accessible via our secure webpage
Since our Android tablets come standard with Cellular data service you don't need a WiFi connection
Can read any type of barcode and is NFC compatible
Easily edit your data
Encrypted data storage both locally on your device and on our servers
Download your leads using Excel or text format
We can push your data into your lead tracking system including to
Compatible with any bluetooth device including our portable printers
Real time email follow up option available for your leads

Print a hard copy of your lead data including name, contact information, notes, and qualifiers with our portable bluetooth printers

Onsite Inventory Monitoring
Manage exhibitor information
Keep track of devices as exhibitors check them out, use and return them
Create usernames and passwords for exhibitors to access the reporting portal
Print a receipt
Email login information to exhibitors
Custom HTML email templates
Custom email sender account