Li Leads Slim Scanner

Small enough to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand

Patent pending battery technology allows yout to scan over 10,000 times without recharging

Scans in any light conditions from darkness to bright sunlight

Scanner button on either side of sled so scanning is easy with either hand

Paired with Android smartphone to provide quick, efficient lead qualification and easy note-taking

Can scan any type of barcode and can read NFC tags

Can be used for Li Beacon scanning

Cellular based so WiFi isn't needed

Access your data immediately on the Internet

Your data can be downloaded locally in Excel or text format or pushed to any lead tracking system including

Your data is safely encrypted, uploaded and stored in real time on our secure server and available to you 24/7

In addition to lead capture, Li Leads provides custom questions

Customized reports so you can delve into your data in depth

Can be used for session tracking and access control