Session Tracking and Access Control

Responsive devicesSession Tracking

Know at a glance who is attending any session
Create a list of sessions remotely
Select the session with scanner
As attendees enter the session, their badges are scanned
Each time a badge is scanned, the attendee is associated with the current session
The session attendance list can be accessed in real time from the Li Leads scanner or from our secure portal online
Easily calculate CEU credits for your attendees
The Li Leads scanner can switch to a different session without affecting previously captured scans or sessions
A session agenda or other document or link can be sent to attendees in real time
Attendees can also scan their badges at a kiosk to access a list of documents for the sessions they have attended

Session Tracking with Access Control
Know who has access to a session or event as attendees arrive at the door
Li encodes within each badge the rights of the attendees to access a specific session
The set of events is created remotely and sent to the Li Leads scanner
The Li Leads scanner indicates whether the attendee has access to the session

Session Tracking Already Tagged
The Li Leads scanner indicates whether the attendee has already been scanned into that particular session
The Already Tagged feature works even if there are many devices scanning attendees into a particular session

Combination of Session Tracking, Aready Tagged, and Access Control
Keep track of session attendance, access rights to the session, and whether a particular attendee has already entered the session
Easily provide CEU credits to attendees